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Join Us for a Videoconference with Georgia:

Doing Business with the United States;

Opportunities and Challenges


July 10, 2018


10:00 -12:00 PM (EST)

Tbilisi, GEORGIA

18:00 - 20:00 (TBL)


Online - registration is open.

In-Person - registration is open.


WeWork White House 

Washington DC, USA


GITA - Georgia

Innovations Street 7, Tbilisi

Registration Required 

 For Washington DC, USA

 For Tbilisi, Georgia

What will you learn?

In this webcast, you will hear about how Georgia’s businesses can get access to America’s investment sources, internet technologies and merchant account solutions they need to go global, including:​


  • Why Georgia and Why the United States?

    • Investment opportunities, government incentives,

    • Access to private and public funds, eligible partners

    • Easy access to local, regional & global marketplaces

  • Selling products and services across borders:

    • Product localization and adaptation;

    • Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, UpWork, Fiverr, AirBnB;

  • Understanding Shipping Needs and Options:

    • Digital product vs Physical product;

    • Private Warehouse / Dropshipping / Fulfilment;

    • Customs, Logistics, Distribution and Fulfillment;

  • Certification and Registration Requirements:

    • Mandatory vs. Voluntary;

  • Sources of Funding and Payments in International trade:

    • Investments: Equity & Debt, Crowdfunding,

    • Cash, Open Account, L/C, Trade Credits, etc.

  • Taxation in International E-Commerce Transactions:

    • Income tax, Sales Tax, Value Added Tax (VAT),

    • Customs duties, alcohol & tobacco tax, hotel tax, etc.​​

Meet The Speakers

Elshan Baloghlanov

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

International Trade Specialist

Giorgi Tsikolia

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Georgia

Angela Tierney

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Business Development & Communications Specialist

Miriam Lashkhi

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

International Relations Director at GITA

Enterprise Georgia 



Enterprise Georgia, under the Ministry of Economy and sustainable development of Georgia, is responsible for the development of entrepreneurship through establishing new enterprises, expanding existing ones and promoting entrepreneurial culture in Georgia.

Having three major pillars Enterprise Georgia – Business, Enterprise Georgia – Invest, and Enterprise Georgia – Export, the agency focuses on increasing the competitiveness of private sector, enhancing country’s export potential and promoting/supporting foreign direct investments in Georgia.

About GITA

Georgia's Innovation and Technology Agency's mission in the country is to support innovation and technology development necessary for the formation of an entrepreneurial ecosystem, innovation and commercialization of knowledge, products and services.


The Agency's responsibility, inter alia, include: Implementation of legal reforms in innovation, Implementing educational activities to support innovations and entrepreneurship, Technical support for innovation and entrepreneurship, Facilitation of Access to Finance, Research and Development, as well as Establishing international cooperation for the development of innovations, technologies and research.

WCC International

WCC International, Inc. is an international trade management company, helping businesses buy and sell across borders of the United States since 2008. Services and solutions provided include: assistance with import-export transactions, market entry and product compliance, warehousing and distribution.

WCC International, Inc. helps businesses conduct cross-border trade, source goods and services, including technologies, innovative products, processing & packaging equipment, intermediate and other materials across borders of the United States.


Our team of international trade, customs, legal and tax specialists speak English, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

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