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Trade Facilitation

Whether you sell products, offer services to customers overseas, or buy goods or services from abroad, our team of experts can help you navigate through complex social, economic, legal, political, cultural, and market challenges and mechanics of import-export operations that you may face in transactions across national boundaries.


It does not matter if it is a food or beverage product or something else. We can assist you with import export compliance, labeling, packaging, customs clearance, transportation, warehousing and distribution.


Whether your product or service is delivered through physical channels (land, sea, or air) or via virtual channels (web, mobile, cloud), you can rely on our help, market knowledge, and expertise.​


We can help you conduct cross-border transactions, make payments, and move your products, goods or services from one country into another with more confidence, less risk, and minimum uncertainty.

WCC International helped us to place our antique carpets and kilims on global e-commerce platform

Now we can market and sell our carpets and rugs online to any customer around the world, who have access to internet.”

Ali Cabbar, Carpet Nomads

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