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Business Development

Depending on market conditions, market entry preferences and other variables, our specialists can advice you on: (1) how to form your relationship with foreign business partners in a host country (with importers, exporters, distributors, wholesalers, manufacturers, etc.); (2) how to hire a local sales agent or representative; (3) how to incorporate a legal entity regarding whether it should be an LLC, JSC, a corporation or other form of legal entity; and (4) how to enter into a joint venture or strategic alliance with foreign business partners.


Our team of legal, financial, and seasoned business specialists are familiar with business practices, laws and regulations of the United States and the countries in the CBS region. They can guide and advice you on ways how to protect your assets, property and other forms of investments in cross-border deals.

We can offer innovative risk-management solutions against creeping expropriation and other headaches in global trade, including insurance contracts to protect against expropriation, confiscation, contract frustration, repudiation, political violence or nationalization of assets.​

We have never heard of political risk insurance before, until WCC International team educated us what it is and how it can add value in protecting our investments in the Caspian Sea region. It also was a convincing point for our local business partner to move forward with the project, and if something goes wrong they will also get protection as "we all in the same boat". WCC Team also advised what form of legal entity to incorporate, and where and how to solve disputes if something goes wrong between the partners. Great help and Good advice!”

Alex Berson, Los Angeles 

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