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Legal & Tax Support

We help our clients with legal, tax, and customs compliance support they need to conduct cross-border transactions, including company formation, and legal document preparation (agency, license, franchising, joint venture, strategic alliance agreements, sales and service contracts); negotiation support; and intellectual property registration in the United States or in CBS countries.

As an added value, for the clients with long-term service commitments (minimum one-year service contract), we also offer registered agent, representative office and merchant account management, as well as mail and small package shipping and receiving services.

WCC International helped us not only with company incorporation in Delaware, U.S., but also with full office support services, including renting an office space, setting up a dedicated phone and fax number, opening a merchant account that allowed us to accept payments globally and offer our services to customers around the world. 

They guided us in hiring our representative for North America and helped

drafting the set of contracts we use with our client base.”

Lubov Timofeyeva, Mech Shipping Services

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