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Whether you sell products, offer services to customers overseas, or buy goods or services from abroad, our team of experts can help you navigate through complex social, economic, legal, political, cultural, and market challenges and mechanics of import-export operations that you may face in transactions across national boundaries. 


Whether it is alcohol, food or beverage products or something else, we can assist you with import-export compliance, labeling, packaging,  customs clearance, shipping, transportation, warehousing, and distribution.


Whether your product or service is delivered through physical channels (land, sea, or air) or via virtual channels (web, mobile, cloud), you can rely on our help, market knowledge, and expertise.

We can help conduct cross-border transactions, make payments, and move your products, goods or services from one country into another one with more confidence, less risk, and minimum uncertainty.

We can assist you in gaining access to investment capital or export working capital via individual or institutional investors.


Depending on market conditions, market entry preferences, and other variables, our specialists can advice you on (1) how to form your relationship with foreign business partners in a host country (with an importer, distributor, wholesaler, or manufacturer); (2) how to hire a local sales agent or representative; 

(3) how to incorporate a legal entity regarding whether it should be an LLC JSC, a corporation, or other form of legal entity; and (4) how to enter into a joint venture or strategic alliance with  foreign business partners.

Our team of legal, financial, and seasoned business specialists are familiar with business practices, laws and regulations of the United States and the countries in the CBS region. They can guide and advise you on ways how to protect your assets, property and other forms of investments in cross-border deals.

We can offer innovative risk-management solutions against creeping expropriation and other headaches in global trade, including insurance contracts to protect against expropriation, confiscation, contract frustration, repudiation, political violence or nationalization of assets.


We help our clients with company representation on Buying and Selling sides of engagements.


We also provide due diligence services for our clients in respect to businesses, individuals, investors or investees operating in the United States or in CBS countries.*

Whether you an investor, seller, buyer or asset manager, you can get  detailed information in respect to your prospective business partners, especially regarding (1) any  administrative, civil, and regulatory  actions; (2) lawsuits, property and tax liens,  and (3) business reputation.  

* Due to regulatory constraints some countries are excluded from partner identification services.


We help our clients with legal, tax, and customs compliance support they need to conduct cross-border transactions, including company formation, and legal document preparation (in agency, license, franchising, joint venture, strategic alliance agreements, sales or service contracts); negotiation support; and intellectual property registration in the United States or in CBS countries.


WCC International is an international trade and import/export management company, headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland. Since 2008 we help our clients connect with buyers and sellers, find business partners and move goods and services across international borders of the United States and select countries of the Caspian-Black Sea (CBS) region.

It serves as a “one-stop-shop” and offers comprehensive support in cross-border trade, business development and partner identification for small and medium size companies, who otherwise can’t afford the services rendered by big name service providers.

While some organizations approach us to meet a one-off or occasional need, others have a long lasting business relationship with our company, especially when they need to find a business partner, a buyer or seller, source new products or ingredients, sell goods or deliver services across national boundaries.


WCC International, Inc.

10411 Motor City Drive, STE 750 

Bethesda, MD 20817

Tel: (+1) 301-202-8586

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