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Partner Identification

We help our clients with company representation on Buy side or Sell side of engagements.


We also provide due diligence services for our clients in respect to businesses, individuals, investors and investees operating in the United States or in CBS countries.*


Whether you an investor, seller, buyer, or asset manager, you can get detailed information in respect to your prospective business partners, especially regarding (1) any administrative, civil, and regulatory actions; (2) lawsuits and property and tax liens; and (3) business reputation

* Due to regulatory constraints some countries are excluded from partner identification services.

A Houston, TX based oil service company approached us to partner up us as to the development project in the Caspian Sea offshore. We hired WCC International to conduct due-diligence towards company and its management. The outcome of due-diligence report revealed that the company representing itself as a large company, was in fact a two man operation. In addition, the business has undisclosed civil judgments against it for hundreds of thousands of dollars and a criminal case against CEO and CFO was initiated in the recent past.

This was enough of information to say "no" to company representatives.”

Gulshan Rzayeva, Capital Resources Advisors  

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